Storyboards for video

Causing a scene…

Storyboard: Space Cadets
What happens when a tech daydreams at work? This short 30 second commercial introduces a video conferencing company’s product in an engaging, playful manner. Weatherbee, a tech at GlobalMedia Group, is imagining himself as captain of a starship when Lonnie interrupts at a critical moment. “What are you doing?” becomes the tagline and the call to action, drawing in new fans into the GlobalMedia culture. Created as a mini showcase introducing the company and their new products.

Storyboard: What your financial advisor is made of.
A homeless man is transformed into a financial advisor through a series of props and costumes that fly in and out of the scene– Highlighting how easy it is to become a “licensed” financial advisor, despite not having to create your own personal wealth. Created as part of the “Challenge Your Thoughts” campaign of Rich Dad.

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