Design Work

A healthy balance of clean and dirty
  1. Skincare product line brochure. A complex print of duo tone and metallic inks.

  2. Marketing Flyers and Postcards for BlueRoom Creative

  3. TOP Records is the official record company of the soul funk band, Tower of Power

  4. GlobalMedia CapSure tele-pathology brochure

  5. Torn Screen Entertainment logo. A employee-run studio creating video games, digital media and original intellectual property

  6. Fore Adoption Foundation – Stationary system, brochure and website design for PGA golfer, Kirk Triplett

  7. Camelback Rugby Club logo

  8. Digital Ads for CASHFLOW game app

  9. PTE Real Estate Group – A Phoenix based real estate investment company with international client base

  10. Shooting the Sacred Cows DVD cover

  11. Redesign of CASHFLOW– a financial investment board game

  12. Hapa Kimchee Company – a cottage-industry, foodie favorite – makers of traditional Korean Kimchee

  13. Label packaging scheme for Beyond Naked Beauty

  14. Eowza – tech company that created the bigskinee app – a mobile, map-based deal-finder

Print design, Digital design, Logo, Packaging